Services can be performed individually or in combination depending on the project needs and the required deliverables. The following is a comprehensive list of services.


Consultants: QABIM provides Architectural and Engineering Consultants with specialized expertise on integrating a BIM workflow into their current environment, including hardware, software and manpower needs. We provide an audit and assessment of the existing environment and advise on howthese methods and standards can be incorporated into a new workflow. The final assessment is based on these findings and the Clients’ goals.

Contractors: QABIM can provide support to establish apermanently integrated BIM team ora temporary project-based team of specialists. The requirementsfor a permanent team vary based on the long-term needs and aspirations of the Client. Temporary environments usually include setting-up a local and virtual BIM area, and direct communications channels with our Kuwait and India teams, followed by the deployment of an on-site BIM coordinator and managers.


Our professionals are only hired after a BIM assessment test that is based on international standards and gauges the candidates’ basic to advanced proficiency.

Temporary Placement: Temporary placement is usually based on a single project’s requirements. Professionals can either be placed in the Client’s office or on the construction site. All visa’s, travel expenses, and accommodations are covered within our service agreements.

Permanent Placement: Permanent staff members are identified and assessed by QABIM to be hired directly by the Client.


The BIM Execution Plan is essential for all projects and remains a live document as the project develops. QABIM produces the initial BExPafter assessing the project and stakeholder’s current and future requirements. The plan is maintained and updated as necessary for the duration of the project.
QABIM performs model audits to ensure modeling integrity and adherence to the BIM Execution Plan. This is especially critical during model handovers to avoid conflicts and redundant work.


QABIM provide modeling services throughout the entire lifecycle of a project starting from the initial sketch until the as-built drawings. The principles of good practice and quality control remain the same for all phases and project sizes. Modeling standards are adhered to as per project requirements; the minimum standard adhered to is‘AIA’ as described on We provide the following models:
• Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Infrastructure and Topo-surface
• Autodesk Revit
• Bentley BIM (AECOsim)
• Autodesk Fabrication CADmep


Coordination services apply to the final stages of design through to shop drawings.

  • Conflict Report / Clash Detection
  • Conflict Resolution
  • On-site Coordinator Placement

Drawing extraction and annotation is generally performed at the end of Final Design Drawings, during Shop Drawing production, and As-built Drawings.

  • Final Design Drawings Extraction and Annotation
  • Shop Drawings Extraction and Annotation
  • As-built Drawings Extraction and Annotation

Bills of quantity are produced at the final stage of design to the completion of the project.  Accurate quantity take-off’s are produced as per the Client’s standards for baseline purposes and in itirations during the design and construction process.


QABIM will establish an initial baseline time schedule by integrating the model with the Client’s scheduling sofware.  Depeding on the project size and Client’s requirements, the updates may be performed by the BIM Coordinator or a dedicated BIM Scheduler may be deployed.


All necessary data is populated into BIM as required at any particular stage of construction. The data is structured in a way that it is compliant with COBie for uniform and consistent data flow.
An assessment of the Owner’s Facility Management goals is performed to identify the data requirements. The COBie compliant model is ready to be integrated with CAFM platforms, thus integrating BIM in operations and maintenance stage of a building.


BIM model consists of multiple families coming together to form a completed building making content creation as one of the most important aspect of BIM. QABIM specializes in creating optimal BIM content. QABIM can also create customized families for manufactures.


Rendering and VR services are available to give perspective users and decision makers, an immersive experience of the built space. Renderings can be created as both static imagery, as well as, an intuitive walkthrough using Virtual Reality.